VA - The Official Playaz Cliq Compilation (The Double Up) (Front Cover)

‘The Official Playaz Cliq Compilation’
(The Double Up)


Genre:Alt. Hip Hop & R&B
Format:Digital Download / Album
Label:Playaz Cliq Recordings
Production: GR8-1 Music Lab, BHX, UK
Cat No:06PC100223A

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Taking the spotlight of himself, Madman the Greatest delivers a catalogue of recordings from fresh, talented and inspiring artists that have entered through the doors of his sound laboratory, GR8-1 Music Lab.  

Mixing between the sounds of Alternative Hip Hop and R&B, he introduces the world to the associates that helped shaped the sound he is known for.  

Appearances from Mr FX and Ruff MP who are also the founding member of the Playaz Cliq Group; Foxina Belluci; DJ Zimm Zimmah; Cecil Foster; & Victa Von Duche

The project primarily floats from the genre of Urban & Rhythmic Contemporary, taking influence from Dancehall; Latin, Pop & Rap Music as the basis of its overall sound.  

Where songs like ‘C to the L I Q & ‘Got Me Watching’ head for that Caribbean sounds over dancehall; ‘Love you back’ brings an 808 kick driven love song from the smooth vocals of Foxina Belluci whilst ‘Mess with Us’ from Ruff MP gets busy with a straight Boom bap rap record. 

Each recording delivers its own definitive place throughout 34 tracks of that Madman the Greatest infectious sound. 


- Tracklisting -

Disc 1

01.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – If She Could Be Mine (Remix) (feat Mr FX)
02.Alta Egoz X – No Girl Like You
03.Madman the Greatest & Foxina Belluci – Favourite
04.Mr FX – Break Da Ice
05.Madman the Greatest – Got Me Watching
06.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – C to the L I Q
07.Mr FX – Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes (feat Madman the Greatest)
08.Madman the Greatest & Foxina Belluci – Love You Back
09.Madman the Greatest – I Do (feat Victa Von Duche)
10.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – Chill Out Tonight
11.Madman the Greatest – Apple Girl Apple Boy (feat Foxina Belluci & Victa Von Duche
12.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Baby Got (Club Version)
13.Ruff MP – Mess With Us
14.Mr FX – Hip pop
15.Madman the Greatest – Getting Serious Now
16.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – So Fly
17.Madman the Greatest – Someone Special (Part 2)

Disc 2

01.Madman the Greatest – Feels So Good (feat Eleanore Duggan)
02.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Electrify (feat Ruff MP)
03.Madman the Greatest – This World (feat Demenus & DJ Demz)
04.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – Eternally Lit (feat Mr FX)
05.Madman the Greatest – In The Trunk
06.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Superstitious Cat
07.Mr FX – Cheesecake
08.Madman the Greatest – A Father’s Letter (Rewritten)
09.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – Back It Up
10.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Baby got (Part 2)
11.Mr FX – Theme Song
12.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – Anvil
13.Madman the Greatest – Veteran
14.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – I’m through
15.Mr FX – Where was you?
16.Madman the Greatest – Work hard
17.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Picking Up The Pieces


- Album Credits -

All tracks produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings.  
Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK 
Artwork: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings. 

All rights reserved.

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