The DigiMunstaz - RspBrry

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Artist:The DigiMunstaz
Genre:UK Garage
Format:Digital Downloads / Album
Labels:No Bling Just Bang / Playaz Cliq Recordings
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Revisiting a genre that not only spawned into many of today’s musical formations, the production outfit known as The DigiMunstaz produces and release their UK Garage influenced album entitled RspBrry.  Created as a reminiscent of the Ibiza era, they hope this album sparks the joyful memories of sun, sea and club nights that once dominated the bars.  Consisting of the production collaboration between M Giggy & Madman the Greatest, they now are official known as The DigiMunstaz.

Remaining within the earlier era of UK Garage, they bring an analogue warm flavour of chopped instrumentation, synths and sub bass to 15 tracks.  Keeping the pace steady and relaxed between the 130bpm, each composition is treated and constructed as songs instead of simple loops to develop the vibes of nightlife.  Rspbrry follows on from their original album ‘The Transmission’ to which they didn’t have an official group name.  Bedazzled twice is lifted and reproduced as a symbolisation of that album.   Songs like UK Garage Skankers; Night Flute and Work it Shake it brings back a revamped funk to the mix again. 

The vocals featured on this collection are from Cecil Foster and MC Blenda who have made collaborations with Madman the Greatest on other recordings outside of this project. 

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    1. Gamechanger
    2. Bedazzled Twice
    3. Work it Shake it
    4. Bruk it down
    5. Blackout
    6. UK Garage Skankers
    7. If Only I
    8. Stop Calling Me
    9. Night Flute
    10. Times too short
    11. Tribal
    12. Baby got ass
    13. Love without words
    14. RspBrry
    15. Work it Shake it (The DigiCalypso Remix)

- Credits -

Produced by M Giggy for No Bling Just Bang & Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings.
Composition by M Giggy & Madman the Greatest.
Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK
Artwork: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings.    

All rights reserved.
No Bling Just Bang is a Division of Playaz Cliq Recordings.