Madman the Greatest – Sovereignty

Madman the Greatest - Sovereignty (Front Cover)



Genre:Alt. Hip Hop & R&B
Format:Digital Download / Album
Label:Playaz Cliq Recordings
Production: GR8-1 Music Lab, BHX, UK
Cat No:01PC161222A

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From the very beginning, the rawness of unengineered recordings is a symbolic representation of that unmistaken Madman the Greatest sound. Intentionally not meant to be commercial, radio-friendly or mistaken, its purpose was made for one thing – to simply be in your face. 

Raw lyrics, raw sound and a raw attitude are what this collection is all about.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Placed over two volumes, this collection is simply a raw, historical moment that has been captured though 36 tracks of the Birmingham artist’s journey.  

What makes this album definitive is how unapologetic this is.  Beats are energetic using sounds of orchestral strings; electric guitar stabs and sad pianos whilst Madman the Greatest brings an assault of stylistic, lyrical, no joke verses to stabilise himself as an unmovable MC. 

The warmth of the analog Behringer board used at the time of production gives this collection a distinctive reminiscence of the beatmaker’s old school sound which literally went over other producer’s head at the time. 

Whilst everybody was adopting the influences of RZA and Jay Dee, it’s clear when you listen to this album Madman the Greatest steered far away from their production using above average Hip hop tempo and very confident vocals.

The second volume of this project is a collection of works where the artist serves as the main beat-maker to an associated group on talented individual from the boroughs of West Midlands. 

The work delivered is second to none as each displays significant characteristics that prove that the producer isn’t messing around.  Regardless of status, the contributions made each are second to none as they combine the influential sounds of the raw unpolished street sounds that trademarked the label.


- Tracklisting -

Disc #1

01.Madman the Greatest – All I Want
02.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – Sound Good
03.Madman the Greatest – Wont Get The Chance
04.Madman the Greatest – Raise it up
05.Madman the Greatest – We Be Playaz
06.Alta Egoz X – Tell Me (J?Raw Remix)*
07.Madman the Greatest – Get Your Handz Up
08.Madman the Greatest – R U Crazy (Original Recordings)
09.Madman the Greatest – Part II
10.Alta Egoz X – Nuthin but Skillz
11.Madman the Greatest – British Deejayz
12.Madman the Greatest – So Hot
13.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – Make You Dance
14.Madman the Greatest – Man don’t like this
15.Madman the Greatest & DJ Zimm Zimmah – 16 over the drums
16.Madman the Greatest – Hero
17.Madman the Greatest – Be Like Playaz
18.Madman the Greatest & DJ Paul Miles – Neon (Original Version)**

Disc #2

01.Ruff MP – Where the plays at
02.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Fe Fi Fo
03.Madman the Greatest – Ghetto Heaven (feat Cameo)
04.Madman the Greatest – Bounce (feat K Dottie)
05.Madman the Greatest – All I Wanna Do (feat Fanta & Kash Rex)
06.Madman the Greatest – On the Radio (feat KJ Lewis)
07.Madman the Greatest & Astro Digi Starr – I Just
08.Madman the Greatest – Make Me Hot (feat Yelitza)
09.Madman the Greatest – Filthy (feat Fanta)
10.Madman the Greatest – Lie (feat Sariyah)
11.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Been There
12.Madman the Greatest – Everytime I See You (feat So Real)
13.Madman the Greatest – Wonder Why (feat Syreeta & Justice)
14.Madman the Greatest – Jealousy (feat KJ Lewis)
15.Madman the Greatest – Represent the block (feat Kay Saan)
16.Madman the Greatest – Baby Got (feat Cecil Foster) (Original Version)
17.Madman the Greatest – Emotions (feat Victa Von Duche)
18.Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Must Be Love

- Album Credits -

All tracks produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings
Track 6 – Composed by J?Raw
Track 18
– Composed by DJ Paul Miles. 

Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK 
Artwork: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings. 

All rights reserved.

For more information about this release, contact Mr Clarke at info@playazcliq.com