!NBJB! - Initiated (Front Cover)



Genre:Electronic House / UKG
Format:Digital Download / Album
Label:!No Bling. Just Bang!
Production: GR8-1 Music Lab, BHX, UK
Cat No:02NBJB161222S

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When Madman the Greatest & M Giggy decided to create an EDM album, what they imagined is not what they got.  Whilst they was aiming for a commercial release, they created a bass driven monster that has become the foundation album for the! No Bling. Just Bang! Division. 

Inspired by UK Garage and what later becomes Grime, this is a very energetic alternative to the infectious sound that dominated the late 90s.

Many of the tracks come for their original collection called The Transmission which was very forward in time.  Tracks like Bedazzled and Boom Selection featuring Linniman really pushed the limitation of their creative ideas. 

The combination that was just a simple idea has become the blue print to the labels approach to EDM/house music.


- Tracklisting -

01.Madman the Greatest & M Giggy – Fabuloso
02.M Giggy – Put it on me
03.Em A Dizzle – Here We Go
04.Madman the Greatest & M Giggy – I Know (Refix)
05.Madman the Greatest – Sweat (UKG Remix)
06.M Giggy – Boogie Down (feat MC Blenda)
07.Madman the Greatest & M Giggy – Bedazzled
08.M Giggy – Make it happen (feat Deep Enough)
09.M Giggy – Goodbye (feat Madman the Greatest & Astro Digi Starr)
10.Madman the Greatest – Like It Though (fest Deep Enough)
11.Madman the Greatest & M Giggy – Transmission
12.M Giggy – Boom Selection (feat Linniman)
13.Madman the Greatest – Bwoy Wan Mess (feat MC Blenda)
14.Madman the Greatest & M Giggy – Bandstand
15.M Giggy – Oh I Love You
16.M Giggy – Mashing Up Your Weekend (fest MC Blenda)

- Album Credits -

All tracks produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings and M Giggy for !No Bling. Just Bang!
Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK 
Artwork: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings. 

All rights reserved.

For more information about this release, contact Mr Clarke at info@playazcliq.com