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Artist:Madman the Greatest
Title:Playaz Cliq Chronicles
Genre:Alt Hip hop / R&B
Format:Digital Downloads / Album
Labels:Playaz Cliq Recordings
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This project is a collection works by Madman the Greatest who serves as the main beat-maker to a gang of West Midland’s artist who provides vocals talents to the distinctive sounds of his instrumentals.   Supported by association, the work delivered is second to none as each displays significant characteristics that prove that the producer isn’t messing around.

Mixing the sounds of R&B and Hip Hop alongside Dancehall and UKG, these 17 tracks take the audience back to a time when the evolution of the Playaz Cliq Sound began.  Before the home of GR8-1 Music Lab was built, many of the recordings found on this collection came from various studios that the beat maker was either in charge of or managed.  The project at the time was development so access to artists was big and Madman the Greatest was the centre figure. 

Though these artists are not known, the contributions made each are second to none. The Ganja Song by Fancy Fitzy is a rare gem itself as this is the last time both was in the lab together.  All I wanna do (featuring Fanta and Kash Rex) became the sound of the streets which sparked off the freaky girl song sound for UK rappers because of how explicit the record is.  Bwoy wan mess mixed the blend of a garage MC on a Hip hop made beat which eventually turned to Grime Music. 

The overall mood of the album is simply beats; rhymes and individuality.  The degrees of context vary like colours of a kaleidoscope where each recording intertwines into something different from the last.  It goes from hypersexual to a lonely sad song; goes from hollering at girls to telling girls to get lost; it goes from I love you to I’m sorry I lie to you.  Yet this album still feels and sounds complete.   Once you listen you will feel the journey we were on.

- Tracklisting -

  1. Madman the Greatest – Represent the Block (feat Kay Saan)
  2. Madman the Greatest – Get Doah (feat Skinny Gorillas)
  3. Alta Egoz X – Sounds Good
  4. Fancy Fitzy – Ganja Song (feat Madman the Greatest)
  5. Madman the Greatest – All I wanna Do (feat Fanta & Kash Rex)
  6. Madman the Greatest – Fe Fi Fo (feat Cecil Foster)
  7. Madman the Greatest – Lie (feat Sariyah)
  8. Madman the Greatest – Hey Ladies (feat Hannah Cleone)
  9. Madman the Greatest – Filthy (feat Fanta)
  10. Madman the Greatest – Bwoy Wan Mess (feat MC Blenda)
  11. Madman the Greatest – Scary Moments (feat Mr FX)
  12. Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – Caramel Chocolate
  13. Madman the Greatest – When we’re making love (feat Mr Clarke)
  14. Madman the Greatest – There for you
  15. Madman the Greatest & Cecil Foster – The Lonely Song
  16. Madman the Greatest & Astro Digi Star – Take me for
  17. Madman the Greatest – Move girl

- Credits -

Produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings. 
Composition by Madman the Greatest. 
Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK 
Artwork: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings.    

All rights reserved.