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Artist:Madman the Greatest
Title:ICYMI (Part 1)
Genre:Hip Hop / Urban  Contemporary
Format:Digital Downloads / Album
Labels:Playaz Cliq Recordings
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Recording Artist & Beatmaker Madman the Greatest delivers a monster collection of recordings that have been a definitive part of his forever evolving sound.  Never sticking to just one sound, his mixture of multiple genre influences including classical; dancehall & hip hop.  

Featuring Cecil Foster & Ruff MP, this is Part 1 of a 2 Part series. Part 2 features Mr FX.  An edited version is also available.

- Tracklisting -

  1. More
  2. Put the pressure up (feat. Ruff MP)
  3. Number 1
  4. Didn’t we tell you
  5. Not having it
  6. Dream On
  7. Everything I Do
  8. Fake Thug Stories
  9. Moving on me
  10. Back it on me
  11. A lil bit mo
  12. More than an idea
  13. Cant do nothing for ya
  14. Except for Playaz Cliq 
  15. Love you no more (feat. Cecil Foster)

- Credits -

Produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings. 
Composition by Madman the Greatest. 
Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK 
Artwork: Silly Sketch Visuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings. 
Video: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings

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