M Giggy - Synthetic Basshead (Deluxe Edition) (Front Cover)

‘Synthetic Basshead’
(Deluxe Version)


Genre:Electronic House / Tech House
Format:Digital Download / Album
Label:Playaz Cliq Recordings
Production: GR8-1 Music Lab, BHX, UK
Cat No:10NBJB030323A

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Considered as the foundation for the No Bling Just Bang Label!, M Giggy delivers his official collection of original recordings he hopes will define his signature sound.  Taking influence from Electro House; Tech House & Garage Music, this 15-track project introduces the beat maker to his creative ideas of EDM production. 

Built for partying more than commercial purposes, there are a lot of records that try to capture the party and celebratory elements of music. 

Recordings like Shake that Ass (remix) (which was originally recorded by Madman the Greatest); Do the Salsa and Original Phat Beats all carry the element of dancing where Drastic Measures; Emergency and Strictly Beat Killings are all about the beat aimed for the DJs and Club ravers who just need beats, bass & synth. 

Madman the Greatest also makes a special appearance on I Don’t Know to mark the beginning of the underground label.


- Tracklisting -

02.Feeling This
03.Cash, Fame and More Recognition
04.Drastic Measures
05.I Don’t Know (feat Madman the Greatest)
06.Do the Salsa
07.Strictly Beat Killings
08.Give it to me baby (refix)
09.Shake that ass (remix)
10.Original Phat Beats
13.Broken heart
14.Stay Mellow
15.Goodbye (Reprised)
16.Radio Aaliyah
17.Big Tings
18.Done Know
19.Stay Mellow (Remix)

- Album Credits -

All tracks produced by Madman the Greatest for Playaz Cliq Recordings & M Giggy for !No Bling. Just Bang!
Recorded, mixed & mastered at GR8-1 Music Lab, Birmingham, UK 
Artwork: Silly Sketch Vizuels / Playaz Cliq Recordings. 

All rights reserved.

For more information about this release, contact Mr Clarke at info@playazcliq.com