Playaz Cliq Recordings

Parent Label

Playaz Cliq Recordings (Logo)

Audio created with authenticity.

CEO: Mr Buffong-Clarke
Society Memberships: PPL
Membership number: 0103317376
Logo Design: N. Roberts

Primary Genre
Alternative Hip Hop; R&B & Rhythmic Contemporary
Secondary Genre
Dancehall; Reggae; House; Tech-House; Pop; Jungle & Chiptune

Mission Statement:

To create alternative urban contemporary entertainment that challenges negative stereotypical narratives by promoting the knowledge of health, wealth and self-worth.

We are the official label print for the creative works of Madman the Greatest as artist and producer.

We administer and market each recording for the artist by publishing in areas where is suitable.

With worldwide partnerships through worldwide distributors, we are consistently digitally releasing products for entertainment

As a label, our recording genres are generalised as Urban & Rhythmic Contemporary. 

Aiming for clubs and mixtapes, our market demographics range between 16 – 40 year olds urban music supporters.

Our thesis is to educate through entertainment the responsibility of adulthood and the upliftment of personal individuality. Instead of dictating a cliches of positive messages, our music talks through the understandable and highly accessible art of street music.

We use street language, written descriptive poetry and heavy beats to deliver our message.

As a business, the label started from an idea from Madman the Greatest after losing 2 of his primary artists . We and the music industry are players of a chess game where we make moves to progress further.

Every move from every piece on the board has distinctive ways of getting across the board. It is the mind of the players that determine which way the game goes. Originally called Playaz International, this was change to highlight the two other founding members, Ruff MP & MR FX.

We have over the course of a decade have put out releases; established events and have achieved underground success with videos and products.

Now we further our aims by making official provisions for our records.


- Departments -

GR8-1 Music Lab

Audio Production House

The Official Recordings Lab created by Madman the Greatest where all recordings, mixing and mastering are done in house.

Silly Sketch Vizuels

Visual Department

This is our in-house department that looks after our visual aids including covers; lyrics videos and websites.

The Codename is Black

Streaming Radio

The exclusive live streaming dedicated to the creative works of Madman the Greatest and musical associates. Broadcasting 24/7. All year round.

Bling Blung Official

Youtube Channel

The Official channel dedicate to our journey through music as a label and a creative representative for Madman the Greatest

Playaz Cliq's World

Podcast Network

Delivering exclusive mixtapes; interviews and album preview, this is our official podcast network.

- Sub Labels -

Beats by Great


Dedicated to the instrumentation and compositions of Madman the Greatest. This label strictly deals with the licensing of instrumental music.

No Bling Just Bang!


This is the underground non-commercial outlet for M Giggy and his house music. Dealing with strictly anything club, house and dance music.

All brands and ventures are the investments
of the Playaz Cliq Recordings Limited.