And the hard work begins

As a kid growing up, the family motto was simple: Nothing isn’t achieved without hard work.  Witnessing his single parent mother hustling and juggling four different jobs for many years, the Birmingham artist known as Madman the Greatest begins his campaign on this very foundation that has kept him grounded as a black male.  Especially with the intentions of challenging the perceived stereotypes associated with his other peers within his environment, he feels blessed that she did everything in her power to change his perspective. 

So out of inspiration for her, he redelivers this sentiment to his own children through this recording.  Entitled Work Hard, this steers away from his usual no nonsense alternative Hip hop style to humanly show his maternal father side.  Musically set as a bedtime story, he wrote and produce this intentionally different to preserve the message he is wants to leave.  In context, he reminisces about how much he once wanted all the fame and fortune in the world until realising it takes hard work. 

Also created by Madman the Greatest, the video (shot in Lightswood Park, Birmingham) symbolises his single person efforts in working towards his goals.  Not wanting to make it over saturated with the wrong idea about hard working, he wanted to keep the idea of luxury items more generalised for realism more than exaggeration as he felt this could unintentionally relay the wrong definition of his message.

The video for ‘Work Hard’ will be available for general release on the 2nd October 2020