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- Latest Video -

Work Hard
(Official Video)

Produced by Madman the Greatest & Silly Sketch Vizuels.  Released eclusively on Vevo; Apple Music; Tidal & 4ACE.TV




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Out Now. Format: Album [Alt. Hip Hop
Out Now. Format: Album [R&B / Hip hop]
Out Now. Format: Album [Tech House / House]
Out Now. Format: Album [Dubstep]
Out Now. Format: Album [UK Garage]
Out Now. Format: Album [R&B / Hip Hop]
Out Now. Format: Album [Alt Hip Hop]
Out Now. Format: Album [Alt. Hip Hop]
Out Now. Format: Album [Alt. Hip Hop]

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Set for the 2nd October 2020, Madman the Greatest set the parental tone is his upcoming music video, Work Hard exclusively released on Vevo, Apple Music & Tidal
We take a summarized look at the artist known as Madman the Greatest.
Distinctive and definitely one many remember for whatever reason, the name chosen by the founder of Playaz Cliq Recordings is undoubtedly often the subject of how it was created. The artist takes time out to explain.

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The Codename is Black

The Official Streaming Station dedicated to Madman the Greatest and his musical associates. 
Broadcasting 24/7.  

Genres: Urban Contemporary

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Playaz Cliq’s World

The Official Playaz Cliq Podcast Network delivering exclusive mixes; performances and interviews.

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The Playaz Cliq Playlist

Curating everything we make; everything that inspires us and simply love!

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Bling Blung Official

Our behind the scenes YouTube Channels dedicated to the simple life of the Playaz Cliq label

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